Download Free Excel SMS Software

Download Free Excel SMS Software

Excel SMS Software

You need more information on how can you send the necessary reminders orcustomized Promotional SMS offers to prospective customers from excel? Read further to know how you can send bulk SMS by simply installing an Excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS.

You need to buy an excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS and the right package to send messagesfrom a bulk SMS provider. Install the excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS and enjoy the liberty tosend all the bulk SMS you need to. Be it simple promotional messages to prospective customers or customizedpayment reminders to your existing customers. Stay closely connected with your customers at very low costand operational convenience. An excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS provides you the operational conveniencein staying connected with your customers. Now, we'll take a look at how does it actually work?

on installation of the Excel plug-in for sending SMS, a new toolbar will be added to your excel application.You can login, logout and change password from the settings menu on the toolbar to secure information being communicated.

Download Free Excel SMS Software

In one column of your excel sheet you will obviously have the mobile numbers, in another recipient name andin the next any other detail you would want to include in the message like the payment amount etc.Whenever you are ready with the mobile numbers and other required information simply click on "Send SMS"on the toolbar which appeared on installation of excel plug-in for sending SMS.

The SMS application will open an interface. In this interface you are required to enter the content you want to send across,select the column name containing the mobile numbers, then preview it and click on the "send" button. For e.g. you can enter"Dear (for customized message to get the name here you can double click on the relevant column) we are pleased to inform you that you have earned (double click on column containing numbers for points earned) points on your purchase. You can use these points to send gifts within the next 90 days. To check gifts please log on to".On doing so the excel plug-in for sending SMS will merge your data from excel with the message content and send it tothe intended recipients. Only one point to be noted is that you need to be connected to the internet to be able to send this SMS.You can view the delivery report instantly. You can also get delivery reports for messages sent at any earlier date.

Another important feature you which you also get with the excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS is scheduling.You can schedule sending messages on a particular date. For e.g. from your customer's personal detailsdatabase you can schedule for messages to be sent on their birthdays and anniversaries. Wishing happy anniversary canbe a little risky in this world of ever changing relationship statuses but you can certainly wish happy birthday to your customers.

Making a difference to your business depends on your initiative, ideas and decision making.Using Excel SMS plug-in for sending SMS is the most simple and operationally convenient method of experimentingwith marketing campaigns and offers. So get started now by clicking here.

The New Feature is added in our SMS plug-in:

  • Generate Random Mobile Numbers.
  • Generate Serialwise Mobile Numbers.
  • Generate Multiplied or Incremental number with your required option.

Download Free Excel SMS Software

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