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SMS Reseller FAQ

SMS Reseller FAQ

Following are the questions which are regularly asked by our existing and new SMS reseller enquiries, so we have listed the same below. Feel free to ask new questions via Support ticket and we will be glad to assist you to your queries.


Domain Settings

How can I point my site to https://www.smsgatewaycenter.com?

You need to create a CNAME record for your domain to our site, www.smsgatewaycenter.com

Watch this simple video to understand creating CNAME record to access our site with your domain name.

What domain should I be pointed?

You can point your primary domain (http://www.example.com) or sub-domain, (http://sms.example.com) to our site with CNAME records.

How to point my Site to your sms site?

If you have cpanel access, then logon to your DNS section, Type name of your primary domain or sub-domain in the Name field and enter our site name as 'www.smsgatewaycenter.com' in the CNAME field, if you do not know how to do this, then please contact your host for the same.

Can I set my own Site Name?

Yes, we have given an option to set your site name and the same will be displayed on Meta Title and other pages.

Can I create my own pages?

Yes, you can create your own About, Pricing and Contact page.


Web Settings

Can I also include my own FAVICON ICON?

Yes, you can.

Can I include my own logo?

Yes, you can.


Reseller Settings

Can I also create Multi-Level Resellers?

Yes, you can create Resellers under you and your Resellers can create their Resellers and so on.

Is there any option for adding and removing sms from the reseller panel?

Yes, we have provided that option.

Go to User Management tab, and select the required User and click on Edit Image (pencil image) and you will find the option to edit your user details.

What is Multiple Group SMS?

Our Existing clients demanded this feature, hence we have provide this option. In this, If you or your clients have multiple groups and want to send the same message to all groups or few selected groups, then they can use this option. This feature is massively used by our Stock Brokers and Promotional Route Clients.


More FAQs will be listed soon, meantime, if you have any query please use the contact form to submit your query and we will be happy to assist you.

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