Send Bulk SMS using ASP

Send Bulk SMS using ASP

Send SMS API using ASP

This is just an example SMS API code for ASP programming language, please make sure to sanitize data and other security aspects at the time of actual development.

Send Bulk SMS using ASP

Sample scripts are provided just for reference only, do not develop using the same code.

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        username = "myusername"
        password = "password"
        apiurl = ""
        message = "Hello World"
        message = Server.urlencode(message)
        mobile = "9xxxxxxxxxx"
        '10 digit number
        sendername = "SMSGAT"
        'My SMS Sender Name
        lang = "English"
        'Other for Unicode
        url = apiurl & "UserName=" & username & "&Password=" & password & "&To=" & mobile & "&Message=" & message & "&Mask=" & sendername &"&Type=Individual&Language=" & lang
        set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") "POST", url, false
        'use GET for get method
        xmlhttp.send ""
        msg = xmlhttp.responseText
        set xmlhttp = nothing

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