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Introduction to Agents Chat for
WhatsApp Business API

Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API

Effective client interaction is crucial for organizations in the fast-paced digital environment of today. A useful tool for connecting with customers, WhatsApp Business API offers a simple and direct communication channel. But in order to realize its full potential and guarantee first-rate customer service, you need a complete solution that gives your agents more control and speeds up the communication flow. Our "Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API" can be used in this situation.

At SMSGatewayCenter, we appreciate the value of superb client involvement. You can completely transform how you interact with your clients using the WhatsApp Business API with our feature-rich Agents Chat platform. This platform provides a wealth of tools and services that are intended to improve your customer support, boost productivity, and create enduring partnerships.

Empower Agents with Enhanced Compose Actions

Your agents will have access to a wide range of composing actions using our Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API, enabling them to engage clients successfully. Here is a closer examination of these functional features.

Send Emojis
Send Emojis
Emojis are a simple way for agents to add a personal touch to chat chats, making it easier to express emotions.
Send Media
Send Media
Enable a more thorough flow of information by improving communication by sending multiple media kinds, such as audio, photos, documentation, and videos.
Send Chatbot Configured Messages
Send Chatbot Configured Messages
Integrate chatbot-configured auto answers seamlessly to improve the accuracy and efficiency of chat.
Dynamic Placeholders
Dynamic Placeholders
Insert customer and agent names automatically to create individual messages. Improve your customer connections with ease.
Send Stickers
Send Stickers
Stickers provide a creative and entertaining method to interact with customers. To make discussions more interesting and entertaining, agents can send stickers.
Send Quick Replies
Send Quick Replies
Quick answers, which enable agents to give immediate, pre-defined responses for frequent questions or activities, can speed up response times.
Save as Quick Replies
Save as Quick Replies
Agents can quickly save responses as rapid replies when new chat content is being sent, maximizing productivity when dealing with reoccurring requests.
Send Template Messages
Send Template Messages
To establish consistency and give organized information, agents can use template messages, which will enhance client interactions and assistance.
Send Text with Formatting Options
Send Text with Formatting Options
Agents have the ability to format text by using features like bold, italic, superscript, and monospace. This adaptability makes communication easier to understand and more interesting.
Ensure more efficient customer interactions by equipping your agents with a range of features from dynamic placeholders to multimedia messaging via our Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API.

Seamless Customer Management with Advanced Agent Controls

In order to empower your agents and streamline customer interactions, SMSGatewayCenter offers a variety of cutting-edge capabilities in our Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API. Here is a thorough rundown of these agent controls:

Add Personal Notes
Personal comments can be added by agents to customer profiles, adding context and insights that will improve future interactions and increase customer engagement.
Add Tags
By including tags in client profiles, you can categorize and organize customers more easily. The effective segmentation of customers and focused communication made possible by tags.
Favorite Chats
Agents can designate particular chats as favorites, which makes it simpler to keep track of significant or frequently contacted clients for easy access.
Customer Attributes
Based on the nature of the conversation, agents can dynamically set and update customer profile attribute fields, ensuring that the most pertinent customer information is always available.
Change Chat Status
Depending on the priority and state of the communication, agents have the freedom to change the status of chats, designating them as open, closed, or pending.
Ban Customers
Manage client contacts more effectively by being able to block users who act inappropriately or violate rules. A safer and more controlled communication environment is guaranteed by this function.
Search and Filter Customers
Customers can be quickly found, filtered, and organized by agents using a variety of criteria, such as phone number, tags, favorites, open, closed, and pending statuses. This function improves efficiency and streamlines client management.
View Conversation Type
User-initiated chat (UIC) or business-initiated interaction (BIC) can be easily viewed. To increase consumer engagement, adjust your messaging strategy according to your business's demands.

Agent Settings for Optimized Customer Engagement:

To enable your company to deliver outstanding customer service and efficient interactions, SMSGatewayCenter offers a full range of agent options. These options are intended to increase agent performance, response times, and the speedy resolution of client inquiries. Here is a thorough rundown of the available Agent Settings:

SMSGatewayCenter is dedicated to providing businesses with the tools they need to elevate their customer engagement and streamline their communication processes. Our platform experts are available to assist you in utilizing these advanced features to their full potential. Sign up now!

Agents Chat for WhatsApp Business API FAQs

Agents Chat is a feature within WhatsApp Business API that enables businesses to engage with customers using a web application, offering a convenient platform for real-time conversations.

Our platform offers unlimited agents, allowing businesses to seamlessly scale their customer support and engagement teams.

Yes, agents can assign conversations to chatbots for efficient handling of routine queries and tasks.

Yes, master agents have the capability to transfer chats to other agents, ensuring smooth continuity of conversations.

Agents have the flexibility to configure various settings, including auto-assign agent message, non-working business day message, after-business hours message, agent unavailable during business hours message, and enable auto assign back to bot, along with setting the auto assign back to bot interval and agents' business hours.

Yes, agents have the authority to ban customers from the platform, helping maintain a secure and pleasant environment for users.

Agents can easily change their chat status to open, closed, or pending, depending on their availability.

Yes, agents can mark chats as favorites for quick reference and priority handling.

Agents have the ability to add personal notes to customer profiles, facilitating personalized interactions.

Agents can tag chats to categorize and organize conversations effectively.

Yes, agents can set customer profile fields dynamically to capture and manage relevant customer information.

Yes, agents can filter customers based on their chat status, making it easier to manage and prioritize conversations. They can also search for customers by phone number and tag for efficient access.

Agents have several compose actions at their disposal, including sending emojis, stickers, quick replies, saving responses as quick replies, sending various media types, template messages, chatbot-saved messages, and text with formatting options like bold, italic, superscript, and monospace.

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