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Available Bulk SMS Channels
for Connectivity

Connect to our robust channels and terminate your SMS campaigns.

SMPP Channel
SMPP Channel
Connect and communicate with the SMPP servers over a TCP/IP link. Our SMPP servers support key elements of SMPP as defined in SMPP 3.4 specification.
Robust API
Robust API
SMSGatewayCenter is powered by a robust set of APIs which allows you to terminate SMS, fetch reports, much more via an API, that you can do with our web portal.
Web Interface
Web Interface
Terminate SMS messages by logging into our web interface which is responsive for all devices. You get loads of options when you use our web interface channel.
The features which help your business to grow

Grow your Business with our awesome
Bulk SMS Features

Mobile Survey SMS
Create and Send free mobile SMS surveys and forms. Get Reviews/Feedback from your potential clients and improvise your business.
Advanced Link Tracking
Advanced Link Tracking for Bulk SMS Campaigns. Track visitors clicks with detailed insights with mobile number, browser, OS, Location and much more.
SMS File Attachments
Share files over SMS such as Documents, Images, Spreadsheets & Presentations to your customers instantly with visitor clicks tracking insights.
Split SMS Campaigns
Help your sales team to generate leads effectively by sending out SMS Campaign in Chunks by setting intervals for large campaigns. Don't Miss Out Clients during huge campaign.
Recurring SMS
Our Engineers have programmed to deliver bulk SMS periodically or repeatedly by setting once. You set up your campaign once and let our system deliver as per your periodically set events.
Free SMS Campaign Database
We do free SMS campaigns across Indian states/cities for free of charge. No additional Cost will be charged on database, all you have to pay is just for SMS consumption.
Personalised SMS
Personalised SMS Custom Upload is a feature through which you can personalise your text messages with in a xls/csv file and upload in huge numbers. You can add variables in multiple columns and you can replace the variables dynamically for each contact number.
Google Verified SMS
Google has enabled Enterprises and Companies to be verified for the SMS messages sent on Android. Google has implemented this to improve customer experience and make text messages much secure.

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