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Easily create SMS surveys and get maximum responses by sending to your clients and peers. Drag and Drop form creation tool is an excellent assistant to create your awesome web survey form and get your customers participation.

Data Capturing is the utmost important when you conduct surveys. With us, you can personalize and create awesome survey form to capture the data basis on the mobile recipient and get maximum responses with great analytics. Our Survey forms are mobile optimized which is combined with your personalized SMS Campaign. Our Survey program is absolutely Free when you compare with popular survey providers.

Type of SMS Surveys

SMS Gateway Center's Mobile Survey SMS feature could be used by any company or individual to capture any kind of feedback or responses.


  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Students Surveys
  • Parents Surveys
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Sales/Marketing Surveys
  • Health care Surveys
  • Hospitality Surveys
  • Support Surveys
  • Event Planning Surveys, etc.,

  Data Capture

  • Job Applications
  • Loan Applications
  • Insurance Claim Applications
  • Custom Contracts, etc


  • Gym Training Appointment
  • Doctors/Clinic Appointment
  • Salons Appointment
  • Other Training Session Appointment


  • Fitness Enrollments
  • Product Downloads
  • Newsletter Sign-ups
  • Event Participation
  • School/College Registrations


  • Opinion Polls
  • Hackathons
  • Quizzes
  • Student questionnaires
  • Employee questionnaires

Salient Features of SMS Survey Program

Amazing Tools to Create your Super Powered Survey Form

You can style the entire Form with colors, images and all other form elements to run and capture the best survey from your clients. Available form elements at your finger tips are:

  • Image
  • H1 Text
  • H2 Text
  • H3 Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Text Field (Single Line Text Box)
  • Textarea Field (Long text box)
  • Select Field (Dropdown)
  • Check Boxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Rating with Stars and Smiles
  • Number Field
  • Email Field
  • Date Field
  • Password Field
Survey Tools

Learn more about Survey SMS of SMS Gateway Center

Survey SMS Features

No Setup Fee
We do not charge any set up fee to create your beautiful survey forms. But you need to use our SMS Services to deliver the Survey link to get feedback from your customers.
No Additional SMS Cost Charged
Unless like other providers we do not charge additional SMS cost when you send out the SMS Campaign to get your surveys completed. Use it absolutely free of cost.
Get Free Unlimited Survey Submissions
There is no additional cost to get your surveys filled by your customers. Your submitted surveys will be stored for a couple of months which can be downloaded anytime.
Schedule SMS Surveys
You can schedule surveys with split campaigns to get maximum responses. You can also update or cancel scheduled surveys.
Ready-made Survey Form Templates
We have added several ready templates such as Satisfaction Survey forms, Product Review Forms, Service Review Forms, Support Review Forms, etc to quickly generate surveys in minutes and get going.
Instant Preview
Instant Preview and Test your Survey Flow. As you create form elements, the instant preview will be shown on many devices such as iPhone and Samsung and test your flow.
Brand your Surveys
Use your logo and other personalized images to match your site theme with colors and styling. If you want to go with custom forms then you could contact us.
Optimized for Mobile Devices
Surveys are well optimized for Mobile devices, mobile optimization is the process of adjusting your website content to ensure that visitors that access the site from mobile devices have an experience customized to their device.
Capture all the responses in real time by setting up a webhook URL with us. When the survey gets submitted, all the submission info will be forwarded to your given webhook. No additional cost for webhook setup.
Advanced Link Tracking
Track your clicked survey links from your SMS content with advanced analytics and with recipients mobile number.
View Analytics
View Analytics and Export Form Data. The best analytics data is available to view and analyze your survey. And also export the filled form data from your respondents.
Custom Implementation
If you are looking for other than the existing program, you can always opt for custom implementation for additional charges.
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