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For your very specific industry,
we have highly-tailored OmniChannel solutions.

Bulk SMS Services
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Bulk SMS Services
SMS Gateway Center provides Bulk SMS Services with various options for all industries and individuals. We have 6 types of SMS Gateway Services as listed under:
Two Way SMS Services
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Two Way SMS Services
Two Way SMS services are meant for getting responses from clients or members via SMS and setting auto reply message via SMS to the sender. SMS Gateway Center provides 3 types of Two Way SMS Services.
Calling Services
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Calling Solutions
Calling Services has been the latest technology in the communication media. One can advertise through voice call gateways and offer a free service on missed call alert for huge responses. SMS Gateway Center provides two types of call services.
WhatsApp Services
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WhatsApp Solutions
Supercharge communication with WhatsApp Solutions at Engage, update, and support customers with API integration, chatbots, and personalized messaging. Grow your brand worldwide. Trust our reliable solutions. Elevate communication now!
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SMS Reseller Program

SMS Gateway Services
Start your Own Bulk SMS Business!

SMS Gateway Center understands better about SMS Gateway Services and hence we offer Bulk SMS Reseller program to any individual or business men in India. You can start your own SMS Gateway Services platform with out any investment and start earning profits. We do not take any Deposit for SMS franchisee or reseller program. You just need to buy SMS units at fixed price and then resell at your desired prices. We will not ask for any profits from that, that’s our promise.

Who can start?

You may be a Loan Franchisee or DSA (Direct Sales Associates) or of any business, you can start being a SMS Reseller as your side business and earn handsome profits.

We also provide SMS gateway business opportunities for any Franchisees or DSA or Sales Associates to start their own bulk SMS business from any where in India without any investment.

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