SMS Campaign Database

Free SMS Campaign Database

We offer free database for SMS campaigns in India. You can view the available data below or if its not mentioned of your city, please get in touch with us to get your cita data details.

We do SMS campaigns in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata for free of charge. No additional Cost will be charged on database, all you have to pay is just for SMS consumption.

CircleGeneralHNIInterest GroupsShoppingFinanceCC OwnersCar OwnersMobile Web UserSmart Phone UsersTravelTotal
Pune 105,977193,876128,6821,014,381152,18512,72941467,638180,24115,037

Free SMS Database Features

Promotional SMS Campaign

We will run the campaign based on your selection of SMS Database for any particular city in India. SMS campaigns are only conducted for Promotional SMS Gateway between 9am to 9pm

SMS Campaign Report

We will be sharing the report for conducted SMS Campaign but the numbers will not be provided.

Two Way SMS Campaign

Include your short code or long code or miss call number to generate leads for your sales team.

Authentic Data

We have carefully scoured the data and its 99% authentic and genuine. But no guarantee can be provided as recepients can change their number anytime.

Important Note

We only deliver the SMS to the recepient number and all DND numbers are removed before running the campaign.

SMS are delivered 99% to the selected database.

We do not guarantee any response from the selected database.


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