Online Remote Support



Online Remote Support

We have been helping thousands of clients remotely using online desktop sharing software. We resolve many issues by providing online remote support over the internet.

How this works?

You will have to download a free desktop sharing software which will be available with both of us. You will share your desktop screen and get all the required help from our sales team or technical team.

Download the Remote Support Software

Follow this link and download the software to your desktop.

Go to that site and click on Start Working with AMMYY Admin as shown in below image.

Remote Support 1

Save this Software to your desktop.

Now Run the downloaded software (as shown below)

Remote Support 2

Once you run the software, you will open a screen as shown below. Then copy your IP as shown in the image and share with our officer to help you remotely and resolve or train you which ever is applicable.

Remote Support 3

Online Remote Support is absolutely Free and Get Free Support online from our dedicated team.

If you still want to understand more about online remote support, please do not hesitate to contact us Or call us on +919930447726.

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