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Following are the questions which are frequently asked by our existing and new SMS resellers, so we have listed the same below. Feel free to ask new questions via Support ticket and we will be glad to assist you in answering to your queries.

Domain Settings

You need to create a CNAME record for your domain to our site,

Watch the simple video to understand creating CNAME record to access our site with your domain name.

You can point your primary domain ( or sub-domain, ( to our site with CNAME records.

If you have cpanel access, then log on to your DNS section, Type name of your primary domain or sub-domain in the Name field and enter our site name as '' in the CNAME field, if you do not know how to do this, then please contact your host for the same.

CMS Settings

Yes, we have given an option to set your site name and the same will be displayed on Meta Title and other pages.

Yes, you can create your own front site pages such as Home Page, About Us Page, Pricing Page and Contact Us Page.

Yes, you can include your favicon icon.

Yes, you can include your logo image or brand text.

Yes, you can change the theme color from the available dropdown.

No, you cannot change the content except the logo inclusion in the header. By default Copyright domain will be shown as per your pointed domain.

General FAQ

No, white label system is absolutely free and no hidden cost or charges. Charges are applied for the services availed such as bulk SMS, Voice Call, Long Code or Missed Call.

Yes, you can. Our system supports multi level reseller platform, you can create Resellers and customers under you and your Resellers can create their Resellers and customers and so on.

Our Existing clients demanded this feature, hence we have provide this option. In this, If you or your clients have multiple groups and want to send the same message to all groups or few selected groups, then they can use this option. This feature is massively used by our Stock Brokers and Promotional Route Clients.

Yes, every recharge comes with 1 year validity. So for resellers its almost lifetime as you keep purchasing the packs for various services.

Yes, its available with out any charges.

Yes, absolutely. You can furnish the customer SMPP connectivity details and we would take care of the rest.

More FAQs will be listed soon, meantime, if you have any query please use the contact form to submit your query and we will be happy to assist you.

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Honestly, Samir is too good to listen to all my issues and he has lot of patience to help me in making understand their system and process. I believe is truly lucky to have him. Good Luck Samir!
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We have an excellent experience with SMS Gateway Center. The services and support has been of very high standard.