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Desktop SMS Software has been developed and named as "SGC Messenger" which is a simple application developed by Desktop SMS Software can be used for sending bulk SMS from your PC or computer.

We have developed this Desktop SMS messenger to send bulk SMS similar to Microsoft Outlook, those who love Outlook will also like ourDesktop SMS Messenger. All similar features of Microsoft outlook including the window screen.

Desktop SMS Software has many features to send bulk SMS, such as;

  • Send normal bulk SMS on one click.
  • Upload Excel sheet with your mobile numbers to send bulk SMS.
  • Send Personal or Customised messages.
  • Get a detailed sent report and can be exported to excel sheet.
  • Check your SMS Balance.
  • Change your Password.
  • Request for Support from your SMS Administrator.
  • Create Contacts.
  • Create and Manage Group to send Group SMS.
  • Import Contacts.
  • Create and Manage SMS Template.
  • Live Log report while sending SMS.
  • Messages will be stored in Outbox in case of SMS Failure which can be sent later.
  • Option of Deleting Contacts.
  • Option for storing unlimited contact list.

Download Free Desktop SMS Software

You can download the free desktop SMS software for your PC.

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