How Opt-In SMS Works?

Watch this simple video tutorial how opt-in sms work.

What is Opt-in SMS?

Recipient who allow you to send SMS alerts for offers, discounts, important notification, etc to his mobile number. The SMS gateway will be assigned purely transaction SMS gateway and Bulk SMS can be sent to DND registered clients too. All, they have to do is, subscribe for your SMS alerts as mentioned below in this tutorial

How Opt-in SMS works in India?

There are two ways, a mobile user can subscribe or opt-in for your SMS alerts.

  • 1. Opt-in via SMS
  • 2. Opt-in via Miss Call

SMS Gateway Center Opt-in SMS Account procedure

Opt-in option

  • 1. Select the required package from here and process the payment.
  • 2. Sign up for an opt-in SMS account here.
  • 3. Our Accounts Department will verify your payment and activates your opt-in SMS account.
  • 4. Account Officer will get your required group name and set up a long code or miss call number with your sender id or group name
  • 5. You will be assigned with a Group Name / Sender ID and Long code / Miss call number to forward to your clients. For example: MyCompany as group name/ sender id and 9930447726 (Long code) or 02228657216 (Miss Call) number.
  • 6. Once you receive them, start promoting and publicizing on all print media and online media.
  • 7. Now, interested customers or peers will send SMS or miss call. For example: If they opt-in via SMS, then they need to send SMS as START MyCompany to 9930447726 OR if they want to use miss call service then give a miss call to 02228657216
  • 8. Once they opt-in for your SMS alerts, then you can see the list of opt-in subscribers on our web panel or fetch the group using HTTP API
  • 9. You can also blast SMS to all your opt-in customers using our Excel Plugin SMS software
  • 10. On this opt-in sms gateway, you can ONLY send SMS to who are opted for your SMS alerts.
  • Happy SMSing

Opt-out option

  • If any of opted in customer does not want to receive SMS alerts from you or your organization, then simply opt-out.
  • Then can send SMS to your assigned long code as LEAVE MyCompany
  • Opted out client mobile number will be deactivated from your group and you will not be able to send any SMS to that user.

Community Opt-In SMS

More information on Community Opt-in SMS.

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