Bulk SMS Tours and Travel Industry

Bulk SMS Services for Tours and Travel Industry

Bulk SMS Services for Tours and Travel Industry

Indian tourism industry has grown over many folds in the past couple of years. With the inception of catchphrases like “Incredible India” and “Atithi Devo Bhavah” by the Ministry of Tourism, the tours and travel Industry has indeed boosted in terms of an overall economic and social development for our country. India being a diversified nation, tourism sector has always found its roots deeply rooted in its art, culture, customs, festive and traditions. Apart from these, we have rich inheritance of karmic yogis, ancient herbs and medicines, Ayurvedas, traditional attires and visitor-friendly attitude that attracts tourist at large. Scenic mountains, beaches, landscapes, forests, desserts are part and parcel of our Indian Tourism industry. Each state is known for its own unique and extraordinary tourism aspect which helps them to preserve and sustain cultural and demographical environment.

Basically a service related industry, Tours and travels form a major communicator in terms of updating regular and latest information about tourism for its customers. SMS marketing seems to be the growing aspect for many tours and travel agencies and companies. It helps them to send out quick updates and information related to tour packages to their clients. Bulk SMS service also provides an added advantage in terms of ensuring higher loyalty and customer satisfaction for the tourist. Known for its simplicity and easily accessible while still on a move, SMS technology has benefited tour agents to connect with their travelers at ease. Being a real time communicator, Bulk SMS service allows travel agents and travelers to take control of their traveling plans and ensures smooth and effective travel experience.

Bulk SMS Services for Tours and Travel Industry

Tours and Travel Industry use Bulk SMS service to promote various tour packages like Honeymoon, Wildlife Safaris, Hill station, Pilgrimage and other scenic places that suit their client’s interest. Quick updates on travel itineraries, alerts on delays, cancellation or fare changes, information about emergency happenings, encourage repeat bookings can be instantly done via Bulk SMS. Being one of the cheapest and fastest modes of communication, SMS service has indeed a great potential in promoting tours and travel industry for our country.

Having market presence over the years, we at SMS Gateway Center provide end-to-end bulk SMS services to all our Tour and Travel agencies across the globe. We offer various bulk SMS services to promote Indian tourism. Our messaging service provides personal touch while engaging with the customers. Services related to cross-functions, bookings, tour itinerary, hotel availability, information about best tourist destination are highly placed on our service cards.

Truly considered to be one of the flourishing international businesses, tourism has indeed facilitated all developing nations to boost their economic stature. It has become one of the major sectors of the economy for our nation like India, where it has generated huge employment and income source for our country’s development. With great potentials for its further expansion and diversification, tours and travel industry is surely going to be a fastest growing service sector industry. And we at SMS Gateway Centerwill strive hard to offer best of our services to this fast growing tourism industry.

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