Transactional SMS Services in India

How Transactional SMS Works?

Watch this simple video tutorial how Transactional SMS work.

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS can be used for sending purely transaction SMS in India related to
Information to members.
Payment reminders.
Bank alerts.
Information to parents.
Stock updates.
Hired vehicle intimation.
Ticket booking updates.
Membership management.
Online shopping.
Offers to opt-in members.

How Transactional SMS works in India?

It is mainly understood that any Bulk SMS content which can be approved in advance as a template set up with multiple or single variable. If your SMS content can be configured with variables and providing the membership proof, then you can avail transactional SMS gateway from us.

All your SMS content will be approved before hand and stored as a template with your required variable. You can only send Transactional SMS with that template.

SMS Gateway Center Transactional SMS Account procedure

  • 1. Select the required package from here and process the payment.
  • 2. Sign up for an Transactional SMS account here.
  • 3. Account Officer will collect all prerequisite documents and gets it verified.
  • 4. Our Accounts Department will verify your payment and activates your Transactional SMS account.
  • 5. You will be assigned with a Sender ID with SMS templates approved in advance with variables. For example: Dear parent, your %%son/daughter%% has scored %%A+%% in the test.
  • 6. Once you receive all your account details, you can replace with variables and start sending transactional SMS.

Note: You can change your templates any number of times as required by you but all Transactional SMS templates will have to be approved in advance. And also, even if you make slight changes in your template, the SMS would not be delivered.

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Transactional SMS

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